August 22, 2007

Update: 08/22/2007

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Camden, NJ – On Wednesday, several members of Keystone State Skinheads and supporters of Newsnet14 met at the Ozzfest rock concert in Camden, NJ for an evening of activism and fun. We were supplied with over 2000 Aryanwear stickers and also hundreds of flyers and promotional CDs.

Before we even made it to the gates, we made our way through the hundreds of fans still in the parking lots and began our task of distributing the information. Once we arrived at the gates we organized the dozen of us and got ready to do our best to distribute the huge amount of stickers and flyers to the crowd. The venue was packed with about 20,000 heavy metal fans in various states of enibriation.

We were greeted with an overall very positive response from the crowd. Whether we were given a genuine, “this is cool” or a shout of “white power”, we felt like we were making a positive difference by re-enforcing people’s basic beliefs which are ignored by the mainstream media. We only noticed about 2 negative responses. That is less that .1%!!! The response that made me feel the best was when I got to talk to a young person for a few minutes. I had the chance to explain to him that we weren’t crazed ‘haters’ there with plans for world domination. We had some websites where he could go to and feel free to read opinions and news that weren’t present in the controlled media. He could go to our forums and discuss race ‘without getting into trouble’ as he put it. He told me that he was going to a college with a largely Jewish student body. He knew that there was something different about them but in the mainstream media he was unable to find out the honest differences between us. This young man appeared to be particularly bright, so I am sure he will continue his quest for knowledge with a few visits to our sites. I hope that with our hard work he finds them to be informative and professional and keeps us as a regular news source.

Now for the best part, our computer servers have been working overtime all day today to handle the increased traffic generated by our activism. The KSS forum has had a few more members join up just in the first few hours of Thursday and the Newsnet14 and Aryanwear pages have been super-busy all day with new traffic.

If you want a better future for us, if you are serious about making a difference, and if you have some dedication to your race, you must start doing this kind of activity on a regular basis. We cannot expect anything to change just by internet bravado and tough talk among friends. We have to go out “where the rubber meets the road” and start doing basic grass roots activism to get the word out to people that regular, sane people are sick of this multicultural hell and we are standing up and doing something. We are a force to be reckoned with and we are dead set on making a change no matter what is required from us.

The best part is that we didn’t even have a tough battle. The people liked us and we had many great responses. There is no reason why this can’t be done on every stop of every major tour. We have done this so far for a couple of summers for not only the Ozzfest, but also the Vans Warped tour, Sounds of the Underground, Family Values tour and Slayer concerts.

We need people to step up, get serious and GET ACTIVE!!!

Reviewed by Derek of NewsNet14


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