September 8, 2007

Update: 09/08/2007

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The Philadelphia chapter of K.S.S. and local supporters organized a family picnic in a local park. Over 3 dozen people were in attendance for the cookout. Many people brought the entire family for the afternoon out. Good food, friends and music to kick off the day. Later in the afternoon, several picnic goers put on some boxing gloves, and wore mouth guards, to have a little fun. Several short bouts of friends occurred having no real injuries other that the typical bruised eye or lip, or maybe even ego.

Following the picnic was a small private concert that was scheduled at a local Pub. The concert was set up on very short notice in addition to the earlier picnic which had been planned much further in advance.

Blood Order Company was first and they are getting really good. I anticipate hearing the upcoming release, on Final Stand Records. Next to perform was Absolute Terror, who are new and did have some errors that happen when you are new, but overall has some great potential to be really tight shit.

Empire Falls who was actually in town this weekend practicing, since half of the members are from PA, asked to be included on the line-up. What can you say about EF that hasn’t been said before, they always are a crowd pleaser and last night was no exception. Special guests Fear Rains Down were up next. FRD was in the US recording some new material for some upcoming releases and asked to have a small show set up in the Philly area in their honor. FRD destroyed the place! Everyone went crazy and was dancing in the small pub. The set was excellent and the band played a handful of new songs, to give people a taste of the new releases. Thank you to our German friends for sharing such an awesome night here with everyone.

After FRD, the crowd cheered George of Wotanorden to do a small set. George got up and played a few of songs and an great cover of The Misfits’ song, “Skulls.”

The entire day was great and a good time was had by all. Thanks again to the Philly K.S.S. for throwing such a great day of events. Thank you again to Fear Rains Down for giving everyone a great performance.

Photos have been posted in the media section.


September 7, 2007

Update: 09/07/2007

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Sept 1, Labor Day weekend, Harrisburg, PA. Voice of the People USA organized an anti-Illegal Immigration rally at the steps of our state capitol. A large group of supporters were in attendance for this event, Over 50 fellow White Nationalists were in attendance, including members of Stormfront, Newsnet14, Maryland Skinheads, Aryan Nations, and other KSS supporters.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One Peoples Project was present with about a half dozen people in protest of the rally. Jenkins, of the 500 block of S. 49th St. Phila., was quite the joke for many, as several people posed with Jenkins in humorous photos. Even event organizer Daniel Smeriglio, Voice of the People USA, took a moment to poke a few shots at Jenkins and his motley crew.

The rally went excellent and all in attendance had no problems of any sorts. Everyone proceeded to a off-site location for food and drink afterwards. It was great to meet new people and share an exciting afternoon together.

We will be posting photos shortly of this event.

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