October 13, 2007

Update: 10/13/2007

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Philadelphia, PA – In honor of the great European explorer Leif Ericson’s discovery of North America, several dozen Nationalists gathered in downtown Philadelphia to pay tribute to his noble & historic voyage. Meeting in a small gazebo set high above the picturesque boat house row section of Philadelphia, we arrived to find that the park we had chosen to meet at had been vandalized by “anti-racists”, Unable to confront us physically in the midst of Philadelphia. A city once thought to of had a strong “anti-racist” presence and is the current home to Daryle Lamont Jenkins of the One Peoples Project, was stray painted overnight by “anti-racists” who wanted to remain “safe”. The obscenities that had been spray painted on a gazebo did nothing but make for some great laughs and photo opportunities. We continued on our day with a smile knowing that somewhere out there were people with some very hurt feelings because we had taken to the streets.

As time rolled on and we neared the closing time for our meeting point it came to our attention that a white SUV with tinted windows, occupied by two black males were using video surveillance equipment to record our actions from a distance. Equipped with our own video equipment two of us approached the vehicle, causing them to speed off before we had a chance to confront them. Whether they were law enforcement agents or members of some type of leftist outfit we are unsure, be we did manage to capture them and their vehicle on film, along with their quick departure.

As 3 o’clock came and gone we gathered our friends for a brief walk along Kelly Dr. to the beautiful Viking Statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni, whose son Snorri Karlsefni is thought to of been the first recorded European born on American soil. Over 1000 years ago!

Following the laying of a wreath fitted with a ribbon of the adopted Vinlandic colors (green and black), several speakers took turns reciting the history of Leif Ericson’s historic voyage. Along with poems, fascinating tales of the Vikings encounters with Indians, and even the sagas of Thorfinn and his son Snorri were told. It was a very beautiful and informative gathering indeed.

After returning to our vehicles we proceeded to an enormous stone pavilion set in the background of the American Swedish Museum for a night of acoustic Viking & Celtic folk music. (

First up was Paul, the bassist of now defunct hardcore band Teardown. An extremely talented musician, Paul kicked the night off with some classic pieces using his fiddle, and even spicing things up with a brief rendition Slayers “raining blood”. Quickly moving on to the flute and the acoustic guitar Paul definitely managed to warm up the night.

Next up was the much and always requested efforts of George, lead guitarist and vocalist of WotanOrden. As usual he got the crowd going, tapping and clapping along to everyone’s favorite Celtic tunes, a definite crowd pleaser. He was even joined in by Tank of Empire Falls and the McBastards for a rendition of Wild Rover, which got everyone clapping and singing together.

And finally wrapping up the night was the newest band out of Pennsylvania, The McBastards, a group with various corroborators dedicated to classic Irish music and having a good laugh. Playing from the heart these guys kept the night going strong with many a good songs and some classics from the late Ian Stuart. All and all it was an excellent day, beautiful weather, good friends and a big attendance for a great cause. We’d like to thank everyone that came out to contribute their support. This is definitely something that we’ll be doing next year on a much larger scale. So keep your eyes open for next year’s Leif Ericson celebration!

Photos have been posted in the media section.


October 12, 2007

Update: 10/12/2007

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With a few hundred fliers, a few dozen cds on hand and some time to kill on a typical Friday night, members of the KSS and friends set out to a local hardcore show in the N.E section of Philadelphia. Dominated by white youths the show proved to be an excellent environment to talk with younger people about the problems taking place in our schools and throughout our communities. Without a single negative response we were approached throughout the night by numerous kids asking for more literature and information. Many of them whom had recently been attacked by blacks and various non-white gangs in their very own neighborhoods, which has become a common occurrence through out the North East.

The most notable part of the night was when we were approached by a teenager that had previously seen one of our fliers being circulated in his high school. Apparently after one of our street actions a student from his school had removed one of our fliers and brought it to school to proudly display to the rest of the kids. Even more note worthy was the fact that he gave the flier to one of his teachers who proceeded to use it and its contents, “North Philly: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You”, as a point of discussion on the topic of White Flight. With the end result of the teacher agreeing with our message and even approving of it to the entire class, this one piece of paper did more than earned its worth. An enormous amount of our respect goes out to that brave individual, whoever he or she is and to that teacher who truly understands the importance of guiding our youth towards the right path.

This is where it all starts; by educating our communities, standing together and speaking out against the destructive elements that destroy our neighborhoods one street at a time. This is the only way to defend our neighborhoods and make them safe again. Moving away and ignoring it will only prolong the inevitable, and violence will not stop or deter them. Education and Unity is the key, it is the only solution.

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