October 12, 2007

Update: 10/12/2007

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With a few hundred fliers, a few dozen cds on hand and some time to kill on a typical Friday night, members of the KSS and friends set out to a local hardcore show in the N.E section of Philadelphia. Dominated by white youths the show proved to be an excellent environment to talk with younger people about the problems taking place in our schools and throughout our communities. Without a single negative response we were approached throughout the night by numerous kids asking for more literature and information. Many of them whom had recently been attacked by blacks and various non-white gangs in their very own neighborhoods, which has become a common occurrence through out the North East.

The most notable part of the night was when we were approached by a teenager that had previously seen one of our fliers being circulated in his high school. Apparently after one of our street actions a student from his school had removed one of our fliers and brought it to school to proudly display to the rest of the kids. Even more note worthy was the fact that he gave the flier to one of his teachers who proceeded to use it and its contents, “North Philly: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You”, as a point of discussion on the topic of White Flight. With the end result of the teacher agreeing with our message and even approving of it to the entire class, this one piece of paper did more than earned its worth. An enormous amount of our respect goes out to that brave individual, whoever he or she is and to that teacher who truly understands the importance of guiding our youth towards the right path.

This is where it all starts; by educating our communities, standing together and speaking out against the destructive elements that destroy our neighborhoods one street at a time. This is the only way to defend our neighborhoods and make them safe again. Moving away and ignoring it will only prolong the inevitable, and violence will not stop or deter them. Education and Unity is the key, it is the only solution.


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