November 14, 2007

Update: 11/14/2007

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KSS to be Featured in National Geographic Documentary

“On Wednesday, November 14, 2007, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the National Geographic Channel (NGC) delves into one of the fastest-growing and most violent segments of the white power movement in the United States today — American Skinheads. Featuring first-person insight from racist skinhead leaders, sociologists, law enforcement agents and undercover investigators, this compelling one-hour special takes an inside look at how the racist skinhead movement has evolved since its inception in the United States almost 30 years ago. National Geographic Channel cameras take you inside…”

“Over the summer the KSS took part in a documentary being filmed for the National Geographic channel. Focusing on pro-white skinheads here in America, we took them through the streets of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C, showing them first hand what we deal with on a daily basis as well as some of our actions…”

This filming went under much discussion and consideration before undertaking. We had previously had a strict “no media” policy when we were approached about this documentary. Being that it is National Geographic, we considered it that we would have a better chance of getting our personal voice and image out without as much manipulative editing.

We approached this with a positive mindset. If we act as ourselves and we do not give them anything to degrade us with, that some good MUST shine through on our behalf OR they will cut our segment out in its entirety. We hope that if our contribution to this film changes the perspective of only a few people, we have accomplished a great feat.


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