January 22, 2008

Update: 01/22/2008

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Wilkes Barre, PA – On Saturday 1/19/08 members and supporters of the KSS took to the streets of Wilkes Barre, PA in a part of our growing efforts to combat the increasingly visible drug & crime rate spilling into our communities from New York City & Philadelphia . Hundred’s of fliers were posted along the city streets calling on residents to start taking responsibility for the conditions of our neighborhoods and to address the true nature of these problems because our neighborhoods are being destroyed one street at a time, vandalized and flooded with drugs & crime at an alarming rate. Our schools, public parks, stores and shopping malls are also following the same route as well.

These problems are the direct result of large segments of the non-white community moving into our neighborhoods and replacing the people and the culture that have created these beautiful areas. They are bringing their destructive influences into our neighborhoods and causing our communities to quickly resemble New York City & Philadelphia, assisted by the degenerate and blind elements that live amongst us.

Our politicians will never speak out on behalf of our community or address the true nature of these issues for fear of being labeled racist. Our local community organizations will follow the same route and continue to use buckets to save the sinking ship we’ve worked so hard to maintain. We can no longer rely solely on them or the Police because their eyes are closed and their hands are tied with political correctness. They can no longer protect us from the increasingly visible effects of multiculturalism that have been cropping up throughout our community. It’s time to take responsibility, stand together and openly voice our opposition through out the community. It’s time to put pressure on our local leaders, politicians, police, and slumlords until they can no longer ignore us. SPEAK UP!

*Note: This article is a perfect example of distorted media bias. For one, these fliers were posted on Saturday and not Sunday as the papers clam and had nothing to do with MLK day. There is nothing hateful or shocking about them, they simply address the real issues taking shape throughout our state. You can see the news article and the flier for yourself by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. Also, there are no photos of “Neo-Nazi” style poses by group members and displays of anti-Semitic signs” anywhere on our website. That was an exaggeration of the photos taken from the 10/27/07 anti-war demonstration in Philadelphia, PA. The man saluting in the George Bush mask is not a member of the KSS and is obviously making a statement regarding President Bush. The same rings true for the “melee with a rival skinhead group that led to a stabbing”; an incident involving independent Skinheads, none of them KSS, being attacked by anti-racist skinheads.

Click the following to view “Supremacists post hate fliers in South W-B” HERE

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January 18, 2008

Update: 01/18/2008

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January 1, 2008

Update: 01/17/2008

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The History Channel has a very successful series titled Gangland, in episode 08 – “Hate Nation”, they discuss several violent crimes committed by skinheads some dating back into the 1980’s. Here is a portion of a write up regarding American Skinheads. “In the late 70s, embraced by the emerging punk rock scene, skinhead culture began to spread to other countries – including the United States. By the mid-80s, American skinheads numbered in the thousands. As in England, their views encompass the entire political spectrum. However, they become notoriously known – and feared – for their most racist and violent subculture, the neo-Nazi skinheads.”
Most of the episode was dedicated to the most violent and stereotypical “news-worthy” people. Using almost exclusively outdated footage. However, at the end of the episode they show several photos of the KSS and supporters at the Anti-Immigration rally held at the Pennsylvania State Capital building’s steps September 1, 2007.

The photos used for the series can be found at:

The program stated that today’s skinheads are trying to gain success by merging with society, making us “more of a threat.” We feel that our club is not the same as skinhead organizations of the past. That we are taking major strides to break this negative stigma.

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