January 1, 2008

Update: 01/17/2008

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The History Channel has a very successful series titled Gangland, in episode 08 – “Hate Nation”, they discuss several violent crimes committed by skinheads some dating back into the 1980’s. Here is a portion of a write up regarding American Skinheads. “In the late 70s, embraced by the emerging punk rock scene, skinhead culture began to spread to other countries – including the United States. By the mid-80s, American skinheads numbered in the thousands. As in England, their views encompass the entire political spectrum. However, they become notoriously known – and feared – for their most racist and violent subculture, the neo-Nazi skinheads.”
Most of the episode was dedicated to the most violent and stereotypical “news-worthy” people. Using almost exclusively outdated footage. However, at the end of the episode they show several photos of the KSS and supporters at the Anti-Immigration rally held at the Pennsylvania State Capital building’s steps September 1, 2007.

The photos used for the series can be found at:

The program stated that today’s skinheads are trying to gain success by merging with society, making us “more of a threat.” We feel that our club is not the same as skinhead organizations of the past. That we are taking major strides to break this negative stigma.


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