April 19, 2008

Update: 04/19/2008

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Keystone United has been receiving a lot of media attention lately as our members and supporters have been very active throughout the state. Most notably in the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton areas.  The mass distribution of fliers and several banner drops has graced us with much support from the local communities as they are contacting us in hopes of aiding in our actions.  However no action goes without some who will disagree, in which on a local area television was having a panel discussing the recent actions.  One of our members took the chance to call in and talk to air live to debate the issues.

Here is an article from an area newspaper discussing some of the distributed fliers:

The activism above is also receiving notice from others involved. One of our members was asked to participate in a streaming online radio section to talk about the news.  Here is a link to a downloadable version which will also be available in our media section:

Several members and supporters were in Philadelphia today to counter the mass protest of the denial of a retrial for police officer Daniel Faulkner’s killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.  There will be more info on this shortly.

Here is a sample of footage from the event , in which a bystander who was videotaping the crowd  was attacked by Mumia’s supporters:


April 4, 2008

Update: 04/04/2008

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KSS statement regarding the Ohav Zedek Synagogue incident in Wilkes-Barre.

The KSS along with many of our friends and supporters have gone out of their way to build a strong and progressive movement for our people, young and old, through out the state of Pennsylvania. As many of you may have noticed, we have decided to focus all of our attention on education and organizing our people in a direct effort to undermine the destructive effects of multiculturalism. With that being said, there should be no question as to our thoughts on the recent incident regarding the Ohav Zedek synagogue in Wilkes Barre, PA. Incidents such as these or any other forms of harassment against non-whites will only result in the continued vilification and demonizing of White Nationalism and will only help to further alienate ourselves from the elements of society that we are trying to reach.

In other words, it will simply create more propaganda to help the media distract our people and steer them away from the real problems affecting our communities and give them even more reasons to harass us. But most important of all, these are the types of incidents that keep well intended and like minded potential White Nationalists from listening to anything we have to say or from getting involved.

Meanwhile we do not condone these types of incidents we do acknowledge that these types of things are caused directly by the ostracizing and alienation of white youth by society for their refusal to accept multiculturalism and diversity. We also believe that if groups such as ours were able to operate without the continued harassment from law enforcement and Zionist pressure groups such as the A.D.L. that incidents such as these would virtually disappear over night due to our progressive efforts. We hope that in the future incidents like this can be prevented by our increasingly visible presence within our communities and by focusing our young peoples frustrations into a much more positive and productive outlet.

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