July 24, 2009

Environmental Ignorance Breeds Consequence

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by Douglas Myers & Anne Hawke (of Keystone United) as seen in the Fall 2008 issue of Heretic Voice

While preserving nature has only come into recent concern by a larger majority, environmentalism has often been associated with left wing hippy types. Today’s current fad includes adding the term “green” and “natural” to everything as a dishonest concern in selling products based on trend. However caring for our life source earth is often a minimal concern among many. Throughout our political scene seldom do you hear anyone’s concern for nature; more often one may witness a disregard for it.

The very shiver that chills my soul when I hear people say “Why should I care, I’ll be dead anyways?” is often followed by irritation. Someone who claims to want to preserve the heritage and identity of a race of people yet neglects the world they wish to leave behind for their own children, overlooks the obvious. Why should anyone bother worrying about race if there are no resources left to supply it? Our deep rooted concern in heritage and the politics surrounding it should also at the very least touch on the issues of our very own planet.

There is no question that our country is in a crisis. The social conflict that multiculturalism has caused is visible in our daily lives, but the environment often gets overlooked. Capitalism has created a nation of zombies on the endless hunt for wealth. Instead of the fictional hunger for flesh; oil, money, materialism and instant gratification are the real bloodlust. The environmental disasters our parents let slip past them have come home to haunt us today, and only grow worse. Ignorance breeds consequence, and neglect of nature and our surroundings will only hasten the inevitable nightmare.

Everyday scientists are seeing the difference in nearly all of our nation’s bodies of water, mountain ranges, forests and even the soil which we use to grow crops. We know the rainforest of South America are being destroyed, we know the Artic ice is melting at alarming rates, yet do we care? America’s population of zombies can easily ignore the destruction of pristine things, however the devastation and decay has reached home.

While we may never even travel beyond our own borders, concern can be implicated locally. The solutions are debatable and many. Our real problem is apathy. Capitalist greed has trickled its way down to the population. What are we waiting for, the comfort of American life to dwindle? It already has. With the growing cost of oil and petroleum products, the increase in food costs, and the lowering of standards for all interested parties, how much more evident must it be? It is obvious that the old care free days are gone.

As political activists we fight for present times as well as our future. Environmentalism fits into the very soul of our spirituality and connects us physically with the earth. The earth has always held our fate. Even though we are only guests upon this mass of water and stone, attempts to prolong our stay should be held as serious as the forefront of the demise of our culture.

We must use our gifts of intelligence, adaptation and dedication to further advance ourselves or else we will fall from existence. As Povl H. Riis-Knudsen stated in National Socialism: A Left-Wing Movement; “No doubt, our race has great possibilities in its intellectual capacity, but its abilities have absolutely no value as such, however, if they are not put to the right use in accordance with the laws of Nature.” How long can we pay no heed to two things that go together hand in hand such as race and nature?


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