September 21, 2009

Diversity training won’t keep city safe

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Letter to the Editor

Here is my latest letter to the editor which was published in the Sept. 21, 2009 edition of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.

Diversity training won’t keep city safe
Recently, Wilkes-Barre NAACP President Ron Felton wrote that there “needs to be a serious effort to bring comprehensive diversity training to the City of Wilkes-Barre Police Department.”

In essence, he wants white police officers to coddle criminals if they happen to be black or Hispanic. Does anyone in their right mind think that will make our communities any safer?

The black and Hispanic violent crime rate is out of control. Does the NAACP try to address this problem with practical solutions? No, it would rather sling around unfounded accusations of “racism.”

Keystone United has stood up to the antics of the NAACP in the past and will continue to do so.

Steve Smith


September 14, 2009

Help Outlaw the Cruel Practice of Canine Devocalization!

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pawwWould you ever silence a family member? Some people silence their dogs through devocalization, a painful surgery that cuts the vocal cords through the animal’s oral cavity or an incision in the neck.

This procedure creates serious health risks for the animals, including hemorrhaging, coughing, gagging, aspiration, trouble swallowing and problems breathing. Furthermore, devocalization leaves pets unable to communicate when something is wrong, which may put them and/or humans in harm.

Devocalization does not fix problems at home or change the animal’s needs. Owners must take responsibility for their pets and address the roots of the problem instead of cruelly silencing their animals.

A proposed bill in Massachusetts would ban canine devocalization in all cases except when it’ s “medically necessary.” Although several states already have laws relating to devocalization surgery, most states do not. Call on your representatives to propose national legislation banning non-medical devocalization nationwide!

Sign this petition to help get this horrible procedure banned.

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