October 16, 2009

Reality Check: A response to Julia Harte of the Philadelphia City Paper

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Julia Harte

Julia Harte

Every so often we here at Keystone United actually have the pleasure of dealing with real journalists. That select group of people whose level of professionalism manages to override the ingrained prejudices and emotionally charged bias normally found dripping from most headlines following our name. Unfortunately though, Julia Harte of the Philadelphia City Paper wasn’t one of them, and she certainly won’t be the last, which is why none of us were the least bit surprised to learn of her latest contribution to that regurgitated patchwork of misinformation that passes for journalism these days.

In her recent article dubbed “Kinder, Gentler Skinheads”, featuring a crude drawing of a skinhead holding a dog captioned “SOFT WHITE POWER”, it doesn’t take the reader very long to figure out that Julia Harte clearly took her queue directly from lasts year’s Leif Erikson Day coverage in the Daily News; “Skinhead Lite: Can White Supremacy be Kinder & Gentler?” A rather sad yet obvious attempt at repackaging and redistributing last year’s headlines.


Daryle Lamont Jenkins

One point of interest though, is the way in which Julia Harte attempts to bill this story as the cutting edge infiltration of some eerie covert group lurking in your backyard. In reality, she did little more than attend an annually held public event that is sponsored by an organization with an open and on-going media policy.  And the fact that she did this while simultaneously praising Daryle Lamont Jenkins as an “activist” speaks volumes. Known for his cartoonish Michael Moore styled antics, Jenkins is known for providing public & personal information to law enforcement agencies along with numerous violent Marxist/Anarchist groups in order to assist them in carrying out varying forms of harassment and physical assaults against “racists”. One such article of his that is worth noting here contributed to the vandalizing of the Thorfinn Karlsefni statue, with red paint, after last years Leif Erikson Day celebration, something he later praised on his website.

Thorfinn Karlsefni Statue

Vandalized Thorfinn Karlsefni Statue Oct 2008

But it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist when reading this article to figure out that Julia Harte avoided talking with actual members of Keystone United and that she intentionally chose the select few people in attendance who more than likely fit the stereotype she was hoping to project, people who do not even belong to the actual group in question. It really is hard for me to believe otherwise, considering the fact that at no point during the event were any members of our group approached by her despite it being quite obvious who some of us were. Steve Smith and I have personally appeared on both local & cable television stations as well as in various newspaper articles over the past couple of years. Not to mention the fact that our names and faces are plastered all over the front of our website as well as numerous “anti-racist” ones, something even an elementary school student could have uncovered.

Perhaps the most obvious factor here should make it even more evident; that the person with the megaphone who was clearly directing the entire event, who just so happened to be me by the way, is obviously a member of the group in question and also happens to be the sole founder of the event. So why is it that she chose only to speak with random participants, later trying to pass them off as “spokesmen” for our group instead of actually approaching us? After all, she was hoping to get us to talk candidly wasn’t she?

Could it be because she knew that she wouldn’t get the answers she was looking for or was it simply because she was just that ignorant about our organization in general? Either way we have seen another great Celebration come and go and what would a little bit of success be without some hostile attention from the local media? Perhaps Julia Harte’s amateur reporting skills would be better spent documenting local sports fans and bar patrons, after all, I am convinced that she would uncover far more shocking accounts of racism being perpetuated there than she managed to find at our Leif Erikson Day celebration.


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