December 12, 2009

“Invictus” and the Truth About Mandela: By Art Thompson

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On television, and on billboards when driving down the streets of Los Angeles, the “hype” promoting the movie Invictus has become almost omnipresent.

This is a major production, sure to be favorited for the Oscars. In fact, the actors in the film are some of the best liked in the business, including Hollywood superstars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. To top it off, the producer and director is none other than Clint Eastwood, the man who has enjoyed a conservative political image for years.

The film, as most of the world’s press and media have done over the past two decades, portrays Nelson Mandela as a benevolent leader, not only of South Africa, but of the world, having only the best interests of his people at heart.

The image of Mandela among Americans is a man who started out as a protester of his government’s policy of apartheid only to find himself imprisoned for this peaceful protest. He has been welcomed and honored in almost every capitol around the world. He has had countless streets, parks, monuments, and schools names after him.

The “conservative” President George W. Bush awarded him the Medal of Freedom. Queen Elizabeth II knighted him. The Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded him their prize, just as they did Obama.

And, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics issued a commemorative stamp in his honor in 1988. This is a clue as to who Mandela really is.

There are many, many pictures showing Mandela at communist functions, standing below the hammer and sickle and giving the communist salute. Presiding over communist conventions and other events staged by the South African Communist Party.

These photographs never seemed to make it into The New York Times or Time magazine however. Americans have never been able to receive the entire story about the revolutions that take place overseas, be it in South Africa, Cuba, or Venezuela ― until it is too late. A variety of techniques have been used to deprive us of pertinent facts, but none have been more successful than simply not reporting or showing the facts. You do not need to twist the facts, only withhold the facts.

For in truth, Mandela is nothing more than a communist terrorist thug, placed in prison because he was about to launch a terrorist campaign against South Africans, aimed more against the black population than the white.

Indeed, while in prison Mandela’s then wife, Winnie, was screaming in every speech that they would use their necklaces and matches to further the revolution. This was a reference to the automobile tires that they placed over the heads of their victims, soaked in petrol and set ablaze while their anti-communist victims writhed in excruciating pain until death came after twenty minutes to an hour. This was a common occurrence.

Almost always, the victims of these communists were black Africans, the people they told the world that they were working to free. These acts were usually done in broad daylight, on the street to send a message to the black community: opposition to the communist revolution will be met with brutal reprisal.

This is not the grandfatherly image of Mandela given to the world by the media. It says more about the media than it does about Mandela.

And, it says more about Hollywood as well.

Even today, Americans can not be allowed by our controlled media to understand that South Africa has a communist government. Africa is rapidly going communist as are the nations south of our own border. We are being manipulated into keeping our eyes on the Middle East. The danger looms elsewhere.

Communism is really only dead in the minds of the American people. It is too bad that we do not see a reality show in television about that.



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