July 29, 2009

Keystone United Forums Back Online

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KU_logo_smallThe new Keystone United Forum is up and online.  Unfortunately, our administrators were unable to transfer the data from the previous (outdated and unsupported) forum to the newest version.   All  information and membership, for better or worse, has been lost and everyone must re-register with Keystone United forums again.

A point in which we hope to address is that the forum, while it was informative,  served more social aspects.  We do not wish to restrict such behavior but encourage users to post worthwhile and intelligent posts and replies.

Also a obvious new feature is the blog format of the front page, which we will be using much more than the previous formats.  This feature will allow visitors to be informed without having to create an account for the forum.  So we encourage all our supporters and visitors to check out the main site as it will be updated daily.


July 25, 2009

Keystone United Is Back Online.

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Keystone United is back up with a new and improved blog based style.  This current style change was made to provide our site visitors with more up-to-date and current news from a multitude of posters.

We realize we have been stagnant for some time and hopefully you have not forgotten about us.  So in an effort to regain some hits from viewers to our site, please link us and post our new URL around for your friends to come visit; and check out what we’ve been doing here in Pennsylvania.

More to come soon!

July 24, 2009

Keystone United Interview

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(Audio File 26:49) July 2007

Keystone United Interview

Keystone United Leif Ericsson Celebration 2007

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A video of Keystone United members and supporters gathered along the boat house row section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Several individuals spoke in honor of Leif Ericsson’s discovery of North America, discussing the success of early American settlements. The evening was later filled with excellent musical performances at a nearby park.

*For the record: The statue at which we gathered is not of Leif Ericsson
but that of Thorfinn Karlsefni, another successful Scandinavian explorer. Believed to be the first European ever born on American soil.

Keystone United Interview at American Renaissance Conference

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(Audio File 100:12) February 23, 2008
Interview begins approximately 14:00 into MP3 file

Keystone United Interview at American Renaissance Conference

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