September 14, 2009

Help Outlaw the Cruel Practice of Canine Devocalization!

Filed under: Animal Rights — Keith Carney @ 10:06 pm

pawwWould you ever silence a family member? Some people silence their dogs through devocalization, a painful surgery that cuts the vocal cords through the animal’s oral cavity or an incision in the neck.

This procedure creates serious health risks for the animals, including hemorrhaging, coughing, gagging, aspiration, trouble swallowing and problems breathing. Furthermore, devocalization leaves pets unable to communicate when something is wrong, which may put them and/or humans in harm.

Devocalization does not fix problems at home or change the animal’s needs. Owners must take responsibility for their pets and address the roots of the problem instead of cruelly silencing their animals.

A proposed bill in Massachusetts would ban canine devocalization in all cases except when it’ s “medically necessary.” Although several states already have laws relating to devocalization surgery, most states do not. Call on your representatives to propose national legislation banning non-medical devocalization nationwide!

Sign this petition to help get this horrible procedure banned.


August 16, 2009

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles; are you really surprised?

Filed under: Animal Rights, Media — Keith Carney @ 6:42 pm

VicksdogabuseThe acceptance of any person back into a position of public influence, after helping torture and murder animals for thrills and personal gain, is something that should weigh heavily on the conscience of anyone who still retains some form of human decency. At the same time, it is also something that should put the unrestricted powers of profit into sharp perspective, at least for those of us that are still concerned about more then just touchdowns and super bowl rings. After all, Pete Rose was banned from baseball simply for betting on games. I guess that means money is worth far more than the lives of animals and humility. At least that’s what I’m getting out of it.

As a person with a deep and life long appreciation for nature and the many animals that we share this planet with, my disgust for the actions of Michael Vick along side the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles is more than overwhelming; it’s sickening. But to be honest, what else would you expect from these types of people, really? The NFL, much like every other professional sports association, media outlet, and corporate institution, is nothing more than a machine driven by the endless quest for greed and fame, regardless of the effects it has on society in the long run.

But the question that we should really be asking ourselves is why the inexcusable actions of propped up, over paid celebrities (whether they are actors, athletes or musicians) are continuously overlooked and accepted by average citizens? Is it simply because they provide us with a form of entertainment and that we’re obsessed to the point of mindlessness? Or is it that we have become so numb to these types of events because they normally don’t have an immediate impact on us and our surroundings? I think it’s an even mixture combined with the fact that we have become far too comfortable and too lazy to actually do anything about them.

But just like all other form of tolerance, it is that type of behavior that truly worries me. Hopefully the outcries we’ve seen against the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL and Michael Vick so far are just the tip of the iceberg. I know that all of us here are more than willing to lend our support.

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