July 24, 2009

Environmental Ignorance Breeds Consequence

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by Douglas Myers & Anne Hawke (of Keystone United) as seen in the Fall 2008 issue of Heretic Voice

While preserving nature has only come into recent concern by a larger majority, environmentalism has often been associated with left wing hippy types. Today’s current fad includes adding the term “green” and “natural” to everything as a dishonest concern in selling products based on trend. However caring for our life source earth is often a minimal concern among many. Throughout our political scene seldom do you hear anyone’s concern for nature; more often one may witness a disregard for it.

The very shiver that chills my soul when I hear people say “Why should I care, I’ll be dead anyways?” is often followed by irritation. Someone who claims to want to preserve the heritage and identity of a race of people yet neglects the world they wish to leave behind for their own children, overlooks the obvious. Why should anyone bother worrying about race if there are no resources left to supply it? Our deep rooted concern in heritage and the politics surrounding it should also at the very least touch on the issues of our very own planet. (more…)


The Mechanisms of Revolution

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by Keith Carney of Keystone United as seen in the Fall 2008 issue of Heretic Voice

“Dagger and pistol and poison-vial cannot clear the way for the progress of our movement. That can only be done by winning over the man in the street”. These are words that have been etched into my brain since the very first time I set my eyes on them; thoughts written down almost a hundred years ago by one of the most universally feared & hated men in all of history. That very same man also once proclaimed that “It is the lack of will power, and not the lack of arms which renders us incapable of offering any serious resistance.” (more…)

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