December 12, 2009

“Invictus” and the Truth About Mandela: By Art Thompson

Filed under: Communism, Culture & History, South Africa — Keith Carney @ 1:58 am

On television, and on billboards when driving down the streets of Los Angeles, the “hype” promoting the movie Invictus has become almost omnipresent.

This is a major production, sure to be favorited for the Oscars. In fact, the actors in the film are some of the best liked in the business, including Hollywood superstars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. To top it off, the producer and director is none other than Clint Eastwood, the man who has enjoyed a conservative political image for years.

The film, as most of the world’s press and media have done over the past two decades, portrays Nelson Mandela as a benevolent leader, not only of South Africa, but of the world, having only the best interests of his people at heart. (more…)


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