December 4, 2009

New Year’s Party…

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October 16, 2009

Reality Check: A response to Julia Harte of the Philadelphia City Paper

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Julia Harte

Julia Harte

Every so often we here at Keystone United actually have the pleasure of dealing with real journalists. That select group of people whose level of professionalism manages to override the ingrained prejudices and emotionally charged bias normally found dripping from most headlines following our name. Unfortunately though, Julia Harte of the Philadelphia City Paper wasn’t one of them, and she certainly won’t be the last, which is why none of us were the least bit surprised to learn of her latest contribution to that regurgitated patchwork of misinformation that passes for journalism these days.

In her recent article dubbed “Kinder, Gentler Skinheads”, featuring a crude drawing of a skinhead holding a dog captioned “SOFT WHITE POWER”, it doesn’t take the reader very long to figure out that Julia Harte clearly took her queue directly from lasts year’s Leif Erikson Day coverage in the Daily News; “Skinhead Lite: Can White Supremacy be Kinder & Gentler?” A rather sad yet obvious attempt at repackaging and redistributing last year’s headlines. (more…)

July 29, 2009

Keystone United Forums Back Online

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KU_logo_smallThe new Keystone United Forum is up and online.  Unfortunately, our administrators were unable to transfer the data from the previous (outdated and unsupported) forum to the newest version.   All  information and membership, for better or worse, has been lost and everyone must re-register with Keystone United forums again.

A point in which we hope to address is that the forum, while it was informative,  served more social aspects.  We do not wish to restrict such behavior but encourage users to post worthwhile and intelligent posts and replies.

Also a obvious new feature is the blog format of the front page, which we will be using much more than the previous formats.  This feature will allow visitors to be informed without having to create an account for the forum.  So we encourage all our supporters and visitors to check out the main site as it will be updated daily.

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